St. Joseph Parish Pastoral Plan

Mission Statement

We, the Catholic faith community of St. Joseph, Astoria, founded in 1879, and blessed in our history with men and women from all over the world, strive under the leadership of our Chief Shepherd, Jesus Christ, to fearlessly and lovingly expand God’s Kingdom.  With the grace of God, we seek to take ever more seriously the Beatitudes – to love one another, to be a welcoming community, to build the bonds of unity and peace, to share our unique talents as children of God, and to serve those in need. Centered on the Holy Eucharist, we believe in the living Person and Word of Jesus Christ, who strengthens us to spread the Good News to all peoples, and calls us through our Baptism to participate in His ministries to educate our youth in the Catholic faith, to support our families as the domestic church, to treasure the values and wisdom of our seniors, and to serve the less fortunate here among us and around the world. Responding to new challenges, we recall the prayer of Jesus that we be one, that we seek to become one family in Christ through charity and mutual respect and understanding, to reach out to our youth, to strengthen our families, to communicate better with one another, and to be a more welcoming, inviting, and listening community. With trust in Our Lord, Jesus Christ, who leads us, we seek to fulfill His will for us in our time.

Parish Goals

1. To reach out to the youth of our parish school and religious education program and to their parents, to help make them feel welcome in the St. Joseph Parish community

2. To promote more effective communication among parish groups and between the parish and the larger community

3. To welcome individuals and families seeking to become part of St. Joseph Parish community

4. To encourage the parish community to promote stewardship by realizing its responsibility to the parish by supporting and meeting its spiritual, social and financial obligations